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Meet Angelie Batra and Pooja Sandhu. Co-founders of Vanitee Makeup and Hair.  This Vancouver based company provides hair, makeup and styling services.  Over the past decade they have solidified their craft with extensive training; including becoming Dress Your Face certified.  Both Angelie and Pooja have a deep knowledge and rich background in fashion design, fashion merchandising and esthetics. They always make their clients feel like royalty.


Vanitee provides professional hair, makeup and styling services to their clients.  Angelie and Pooja believe that makeup is meant to enhance ones natural beauty, and not to hide it.  The ‘Vanitee’ Experience provides hair, makeup and styling services for all different occasions. Whether it be bridal, non bridal, photoshoots or runway, Angelie and Pooja are the perfect duo to  make each and every one of their clients’ vision’s a reality.